I am always looking for creative ways to make an event stand out. Nothing is more classic than afternoon or high tea. Enjoying tea can be relaxing, serene or even regal.

Now you can throw the perfect tea party with lavish colours and swoon worthy designs. Travelling Teacups has collected a wide range of vintage teacups and saucers to complete your next event.

Weddings, showers, anniversaries and birthday parties are just a few ideas to host your next tea party. Travelling Teacups offers a variety of options for intimate and large events complimenting any style.

In addition to teacups; they also offer children’s teacups, vintage tins, doors, picture frames and window frames to complete your vintage vision.

To top it all off you will work with the owner of Travelling Teacups who is as sweet as the pastries served during afternoon tea! Sarah started this business with a love for the beauty and uniqueness behind vintage teacups. Her mother began collecting teacups, later inspiring her to do the same. To Sarah, vintage teacups represent an element of beauty she wanted to share.

You are probably asking yourself, how can I contact Sarah to rent these beautiful vintage teacups for my next celebration?!  You can follow Travelling Teacups on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Find her contact info below:

Sarah Peers, Owner of Travelling Teacups

Phone:  705-868-5515

Email: travellingteacups@yahoo.com